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ONE WAY to move forward . An album that represents Life,Love pain & Joy . And everything that’s happens in our daily lives .. A project that once started as 2 guys and slowly evolved to a 5 man band LIVE FREE . As a writer i wanted to speak about real issues of the world . And that came the concept of world music . For the people and about the people . Through all the good times and bad, One way is the guidance needed .. Power and a positive out look on life . 8 songs,all original music produced in house at Miami Beat Wave studios . LIVE FREE or LIVE LOST .. One Love


Released 11 December 2012
Executive Producers / Chip Williams & Andy Gonzalez
Jah Works Produced by / Tony Cora
Good Morning produced by / Fernando Farias & Daniel Domento
Love is Crazy Written by / Brandan ToledoMusicians

Charlton Williams / Tony Cora / Fernando Farias / Benji Baez / Daniel Domento / Alex (Cheech) Gonzalez / Nicholas A .Lebess / Joshua Rodriguez / Steve Kornicks / Jennifer Carballo / Teddy Brooks / Arianne Urban / Keith Cooper /Ralfy Valencia / Chad Bernstein / Brandan Toledo / Fabian Alvarez ..

Miami Beat Wave / Live Free Music / BMI

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